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Java Chart Designer

Ява График Дизайнер
A user-friendly interface, great number of visual effects and predefined chart types, flexible chart components selection, powerful animation and on-screen real-time chart visualization make Java Chart Designer usage an easy and delightful experience. Charts creation process is greatly alleviated thanks to convenient chart wizard which guides you through all steps: from Excel-like data source setting to resulting chart file. Create professional looking charts and graphs Chart creating is really plain and simple: Java Chart Designer provides an intuitive wizard that will guide you through the whole process from entering chart data to saving your work into a file, JPEG or Java Applet to publish it on the net. Handy Excel-like spreadsheet makes adding, removing, modifying and swapping around data entries a piece of cake. Modify chart elements and add visual effects Java Chart Designer offers a range of predefined styles and color schemes, however in no way you are limited in your creative opportunities. All charts elements such as title, header, footer, legend, axis, gridlines, background, etc. can be modified or turned off. Great number of visual effects such as color gradient, transparency, font styles, background, series marker types, axis styles and even animation may liven up charts and satisfy everyone’s taste Extend your own application’s functionality The most challenging and enterprising part of the software is Java Chart Designer API. This is an objective-oriented set of classes and methods that allows Java developer to implement own chart applications. Java methods and classes are well documented using JavaDoc technology while ready-made examples let you start coding at no time. More Information : http://visualbasic-6.com/java-chart-designer.html

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