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Desktop Activity Recorder 13.02.01

Record Desktop Activity from remote server
Owners of business firms or agencies can monitor all activities of their employees with Employee Desktop Live Viewer. In fact, this tool allows you to keep a close watch on every employee activity during working hours. Moreover, Employee Desktop Live Viewer can also record desktop activity of employees. This software functions on a system network with Viewer setup and Agent setup. Viewer file must be installed on main computer of a network while agent setup should run on all employee desktops that are to be monitored by the software. All employee desktops of a network can be connected with Viewer system as agents. Adding to that, this Employee Desktop Live Viewer enables network administrator to monitor and record desktop activity of agent computer. It record both live and offline activities of employees in AVI files. This software can also be very helpful for business entrepreneurs in stopping undesirable employee activities in their workplaces. It also enables IT administrator of a workstation to perform several activities remotely such as changing wallpaper or screensaver of the employee desktop. Apart from this, the product is available in free trial version that can take snapshots of single computer of a network. Moreover, the free version can function for seven days only and therefore, you must purchase the full version of software to capture and record desktop activity of several users on a network. For more information visit www.desktopmonitoring.net

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Рубрика Наблюдение за сетями
Версия 13.02.01
Дата релиза 06.03.13
Платформа Windows
Лицензия Shareware (29 USD, 1500 INR)
Автор Desktop Activity Recorder
Добавлена 11.08.14
Обновлена 20.08.17
Система Win2000
Win7 x32
Win7 x64
WinVista x64
Размер файла ~11 МбСкачать программу Desktop Activity Recorder 13.02.01
Рейтинг Хорошо (4.2 из 5)
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