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EasyMaker2005 1.0

EasyMaker is a graphic design software, you c
EasyMaker is a graphic design software, you can also print out the variable data, the system is divided into design module and data maintenance module, the user can load data at design time, you can also maintain the data when loading print templates for processing. Design module allows users to define various types of objects in the document, and set the properties and data binding of each objects, you can import external data into the document. The system is suitable for printing various forms , commercial documents, cards, making and printing of invoice tickets, and printing of various format pages such as postcards. the document can be saved as a separate file , can also be saved in the database, can also be converted into image file. The system database is MS access database, you also can directly use and print external database by the OLEDB connection. Technical Features: 1. Simple and visual operation, the basic operation of the mouse and right-click menu to achieve 2. Support multiple layers of objects 3. Real-time data loading in design 4. Built-in many types of objects and data binding, support for bar codes, plaid text, etc., and built-in variables 5. Operation of undo and redo,the object's cut, copy, etc. 6. Screenshot of the window and screen and insert to the document as a picture 7. GridTable similar to Excel 8. Adjustment of position of alignment, rotation, sorting, front and back, spacing, font, line type settings and others 9. variety of print page settings 10. Variable data output support image data and image files 11. Object can be directly converted to a part of the image in the document 12. Ruler with object position and size 13. Ruler conversion of different units 14. Multi-language dynamic conversion, do not need to restart the application 15. Resource data exchange, export and import the objects data file 16. Security with document and data 17. Group and in-group object editing 18. Edition of straight line and curve ,point a Скачать бесплатно программу EasyMaker2005 вы можете на странице загрузки.
Рубрика : Каталоги и базы данных
Версия : 1.0
Дата релиза : 08.12.17
Платформа : Windows
Лицензия : Shareware (39,99 USD, 249,99 CNY)
Автор : ChaogeTech
Добавлена : 22.01.18
Обновлена : 22.01.18
Система : Win2000
Win7 x32
Win7 x64
WinVista x64
Размер файла : ~8 МбСтраница загрузки
Рейтинг : не присвоен
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