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FlipCreator 4.1

Create e-publications with page-flip effect.
FlipCreator is a professional online magazine software that allows you to create interactive e-publications with page-flip effect from PDF, SWF, JPEG, PNG, GIF and other image files with a few mouse clicks. It allows you to insert video, audio, picture, hyperlink, button and photo gallery on page. All the publications created by our online magazine software can be viewed on everywhere including PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android and many other devices. Moreover FlipCreator also generates .epub and .mobi for e-readers like Kindle, Kobo, iBook, Nook, Sony, BeBook, PocketBook and more..

With our easy to use interface, you can make a digital publication in a few mouse clicks! Even a new user, you can use this online magazine software within a couple of minutes without any special learning. FlipCreator also supports right click operation, this feature allows you to create a digital publication with only TWO clicks.

Links can be inserted into any pages. It can be placed in any position with any size, of cause, you can also adjust it's position and size with drag-drop operations. You can specify a audio for background. When reader opens the digital publication, the audio will be played automatically. You can also specify audio for each page. When reader turns to the involved page, the audio will be played. FlipCreator supports analyzing and importing table of contents from PDF files. After that, you can edit the imported table of contents. FlipCreator can help you to create table of contents for your digital publication If you want to create it by yourself, instead of importing from PDF or your PDF does not contain a table of contents.

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Рубрика Презентации
Версия 4.1
Дата релиза 28.12.12
Платформа Windows
Лицензия Shareware (699 USD)
Автор Alive Software Inc.
Добавлена 11.01.18
Обновлена 11.01.18
Система WinXP
Win7 x32
Win7 x64
Mac OS X
Размер файла ~21 МбСкачать программу FlipCreator 4.1
Рейтинг не присвоен
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