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jQuery Menu Slide Style 09 1.5

Ready jQuery Menu Slide templates for Web!
The easiest way to add stylish rollover menus to your website is to use ready to use jQuery Menu Slide templates from Apycom! You don't need to be an expert in web design to make a fantastic dropdown menu navigation. Now you can easily make professionally built drop down menus with cool sliding effects. Animation and visual feedback are great ways to assist a user in navigating and interacting with a website. Drop down menus with the unlimited number of submenu levels is a great way to place a lot of information on a page without losing usability. No design skills, no HTML, JavaScript, CSS, flash or any other coding required, no image editing. The menu structure is based on simple UL / LI tags, so it will be visible for search engine spiders. Almost your drop down menu will work like a charm when javascript is disabled in your browser because it works correctly with pure css. All modern browsers, including IE6, are supported! jQuery Menu Slide – make your web site navigation clean and comfortable with ready templates form Apycom!

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Рубрика Java & JavaScript
Версия 1.5
Дата релиза 14.06.11
Платформа Windows
Лицензия Freeware
Автор Apycom jQuery
Добавлена 11.04.14
Обновлена 11.04.14
Система WinXP
WinVista x64
Win7 x32
Win7 x64
Mac OS X
Mac OS 9
Размер файла 37 КбСкачать программу jQuery Menu Slide Style 09 1.5
Рейтинг Отлично (5.0 из 5)
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