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How to Draw 4.0

70 cool drawings to fit any taste!
70 cool drawings to fit any taste! Have you ever wanted to make beautiful drawings for fun and entertainment? Nice drawings of animals, or cartoon characters or cars and more? The art of drawing is not easy and something stopped you...something like no skill, no talent, no experience. ‘How to draw’ is the app exactly for those who like to draw and have fun with it! It’s best for family entertainment as well. It will teach you how to draw 70! different objects, for example, a fox, a lion, a car and a spider-man! From an adult to a child, everybody will find out in the app something interesting for him. Each drawing is divided into a number of steps which are easy to follow. Starting from a few lines, you’ll end up with a complete picture. All pictures are drawn in different styles and vary in complexity. What’s more? The screen is designed like graph paper helping you to make the right proportions of an object. The app includes 70 drawings made in different styles: 1. Animals 2. Fairy tale characters 3. Cartoon characters 4. Cars and much more! Take a note: Start with the easiest drawings like a rose or a starfish. Try to draw the same object a couple of times and then pass to more complex drawings. The application is designed to develop your drawing skills. You'll need some paper and a pencil. Enjoy and have fun! Скачать бесплатно программу How to Draw вы можете на странице загрузки.
Рубрика : Средства автоматизации
Версия : 4.0
Дата релиза : 01.01.13
Платформа : Windows
Лицензия : Freeware
Автор : ArtelPlus
Добавлена : 28.02.14
Обновлена : 28.02.14
Система : Android
Размер файла : ~10 МбСтраница загрузки
Рейтинг : Отлично (5,0 из 5)
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